The Confectionary Cannon – Face Tracking Marshmallow Shooting Gun

The Confectionary Cannon - Marshmallow Shooting Gun

Forrest Bourke, Saarth Mehrotra, Michael Searing and Elliott Wyse from Olin College of Engineering built an interesting project called The Confectionary Cannon, it is a Face Tracking Marshmallow Shooting Gun! It uses air pressure which is released by a sprinkler valve to launch marshmallows to their victim using face tracking to get it done. … Read More

Bumper stickers, for your shoes!

Geeker geek wear: showSticker1b Bumper stickers, for your shoes!

Via this month’s EMS Lab’s Linkdump come these pics of sneakers with “bumper stickers” on them. When we were brainstorming stickers for The Maker’s Notebook, somebody came up with idea of a set of robot bumper stickers (”Resistance is Futile (if > 1-ohm),” “My other bot is a Big Dog,” etc). These reminded me of those.

Bumper stickers for shoes

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Wimshurst Machine Remade: Still Does Nothing, Still Looks Sensational


The title was misleading, the Wimshurst Machine does something, a wheel spins around to generate electricity and make electrical sparks. That’s it, but it looks awesome; like a science experiment from years gone by. … Read More

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The Randomiser lets you draw straws, 21st century style

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The Randomiser is a one-trick pony, but it’s an extremely fetching one. You get a huge, chunky text box on a dark background, where you enter a list of items (comma separated). Then, you hit Enter, and Randomiser chooses one item and tells you what it is. … Read More

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