Single-wheeled self-balancing electric skateboard is like a hands-free Segway

Geeker toys gadgets: 619133bdfa4b3936126951a7b079b993 Single wheeled self balancing electric skateboard is like a hands free Segway
It’s not a hoverboard, but it might be as close as you can get to one right now.

Originally by Derek Markham from TreeHugger on January 13, 2014, 10:42am

Hornet Superbike has one wheel

Geeker transportation: 3713e8e2459973c4a4c45e0fd5c979c8 Hornet Superbike has one wheel

We’ve reported in many one-wheeled vehicles before, such has the supercharged UnoCycle and the probably never to be developed Audi Snook.

This would be the Hornet, a superbike developed by Liam Ferguson. I realize that it looks very unsteady, and I would have to agree. But it actually has two wheels, placed side by side, to keep it “balanced gyroscopically whenever it is parked”.   … Read More

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Luca Schieppati’s velocipedal epicycloid stationary bike is a mouthful and an eyeful


In 2005 Italian designer Luca Schiepppati created the Ciclo, above, a modern update to the velocipede-style bicycle that used a hubless “epicycloid” transmission system. … Read More

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In the Maker Shed: Peggy 2 LED display kit

Peggy 2 is an updated version of the original Peggy light-emitting pegboard display. … Read More

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