New Hybrid Cars Coming Soon

FT HS Toyota Hybrid Concept

It’s not a Prius.

Though that and the Honda Insight are still top of the list when it comes to hybrid sales.  It’s Toyota’s concept design for a hybrid sports car – for those of us who want to go green but maintain street cred with a sporty appearance.  The rumor is to reintroduce the much-loved Supra, which hasn’t been produced since 2002, at 400 hp with the 3.5-liter V6 in 2011.   Just long enough for gas prices to once again reach the insane levels of $4/gal.

Also, estimated to arrive in 2011 is the British-made Gordan Murray Design T25 City Car.  Said to be a third more compact than the Smart Car… we couldn’t snag any helpful photos for you but really, smaller than the already tiny Smart Car?  Where would I put my laptop?  On the roof rack?  Still, I really dig seeing what engineers can come up with and how the designs actually perform in real life.  As far as increasing gas mileage and saving money, I’m all for it.

Geeker transportation: BMWspaHybrid2 New Hybrid Cars Coming Soon

If you want to see something sooner than 2011, check out the spy shots of BMW’s hybrid sedan.  You might notice the German writing on the side– that’s because the car’s not-so-secret test driving was done on the streets of Munich.  With a twin turbo 4.4-liter V8, this little puppy should throw down some serious horses at 407 hp plus another 20 hp from the electric motor.  We’ll see for sure later this year at the Frankfurt auto show in September when it debuts.

Image Source: CNET, BMWBlog

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