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Cloth Covered iToy sync cables for mod projects!

Geeker accessories: 7ef005cebd652d5bbbcf65a9efa02636 Cloth Covered iToy sync cables for mod projects!Not to be outdone by our amazing Website Administrator Proteus, as Content Administrator I felt I should probably jump on the update band wagon!

I found this amazing little find today for those who are on the maker side of Steampunk.  Should your project require use of a sync cable for an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, I found this ready-made solution for you.  It also happens to be about $5.00(USD) less than the apple product.

Head on down to Eastern Collective and have a look.  While your at it, if you need other cabling ideas check our forum thread located Here .

Geeker accessories: 325472601571f31e1bf00674c368d335 Cloth Covered iToy sync cables for mod projects!

Originally by s.sprocket from Brass Goggles on August 16, 2012, 11:43am

ASRock Vision 3D 2nd Gen HTPC leaks with Sandy Bridge on board

ASRock 3D Vision 2nd Gen

The tiny box that AnandTech called, “the best SFF HTPC [they had] ever reviewed, hands down,” is finally joining the Sandy Bridge brigade. A tipster was doing a little Google-fu when he came across a listing for the unannounced Vision 3D 2nd Gen Series. The specs are certainly a worthy upgrade to last year’s Computex standout, including a switchable 1GB GeForce GT540M card, 1333MHz RAM and an HMDI 1.4a port. You still get a Blu-ray drive, NVIDIA’s 3D Vision, a media remote, four USB 3.0 jacks and your choice of Core i3, i5 or i7 processors — so this isn’t exactly a complete overhaul. Check out the gallery below from a few images and some screenshots of the listing. … Read More

Because Cameras Should be Simpler

Geeker accessories: 6b4b83e00f08d4d4e48c0933f75bc721 Because Cameras Should be Simpler

Everything about the AXIO camera logical and efficient – save for a few design flourishes. There are no tactile buttons, just a simple on/off switch. The touchscreen lets you navigate the menus but for the most part, the experience is quintessential point & shoot. Questionably, the lens is surrounded by a blue LED meant to indicate when it’s on but one can assume, the lens might pick up unwanted flare. And of course, charging is all done via mat along with the usually wireless accoutrements. Nice, but not remarkable. … Read More

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