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How To Make Organic LEDs [DIY]

Geeker electronics: a5fdbea1efa1caa8074dfb8e0c561047 How To Make Organic LEDs [DIY] … Read More

Originally posted 2010-04-16 08:26:52.

Nerf Gun Hack – Secure Area and Fire on Intruders – Part 2


This is part 2 of the Nerf Gun hack, you can see part 1 of the project here. Last time some wiring was done to allow us to remotely control the three internal motors. … Read More

Originally posted 2010-07-29 09:21:30.

Example code for multi-button checker with debouncing

Ladyada writes-

If you have a lot of button inputs for a project, keeping track of them (whether they’re pressed, just pressed or just released) and debouncing can get a bit hairy. … Read More

Originally posted 2009-11-27 05:25:15.

BEAM turns 20


Speaking of BEAM robotics, this “school” of robotic architecture celebrated its 20th anniversary on Nov 10th. Twenty years ago, on that date, BEAM creator Mark Tilden built his first BEAMbot, the Solarover 1.0, out of two dead calculators, two dead Phillips cassette mechanisms, and parts from Laser printer cartridges. … Read More

Originally posted 2009-11-26 19:13:22.

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