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LED Nerd Watch Tells Time in Hex, Binary, Octal


My first thought on seeing the rather raggedy Multi-Format LED Display Watch was “that thing looks hand made”. Not hand made in the sense of a Vertu phone, put together by craftsmen one precision engineered bearing at a time, but home made as in “A bit of gaffer tape should hold that together OK.” … Read More

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Sandwich Lunch Box

Geeker geek wear: 27e87de66e3fbe4179cc678ce380d060 Sandwich Lunch Box
Carry your lunch with pride!
The collectible tin lunch box comes with a hinged door and clasp.
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7 Eco-Chic Accessories Made From Living Plants

7 Living Plant Accessories

Boho-chic and hippie garb have been staples in many of us gal’s closets over the past few years. But why not take this enchanting Earth-lovin’ ware to the next level and make a real statement? … Read More

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New Wearable Electronics Resource Site



One of my favorite soft circuit mavens, Hannah Perner-Wilson, has teamed up with Mika Satomi to bring you a new site called How to Get What You Want, a container site for all the totally rad projects they’ve been cranking out recently. … Read More

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