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IPhone-Connected Weighing Scale for Your iDiet

Geeker household: scale IPhone Connected Weighing Scale for Your iDiet

Weighting scales are just so analog, right? Stand, squint, read weight, worry, eat breakfast. Where’s the 21st-century style connectivity? The networked, Wi-Fi scale that might even encourage a geek to get out of his chair and do some exercise? … Read More

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How-To: Recycled Wine Bottle Torch


This recycled wine bottle torch is so simple and elegant, and yet made entirely from stuff you can get at the hardware store. (Thanks, Katie Wilson!)

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Smart Measure Takes The Measuring Cup Into The 21st Century


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m no master chef, but I can whip up a half-decent meal or snack in the kitchen. One thing I’ve discovered that I have a great eye for is pouring things into a liquid measuring cup. It seems like something trivial, but nine times out of ten I can pour the exact amount needed without staying eye-level with the cup while pouring. Being able to do that can make things go just a little quicker when cooking or baking. If you don’t have quite the same eye for pouring things, here’s a little gadget that can help. … Read More

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Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up Breakfast

Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up Breakfast

The Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster is an elegant piece of kitchen kit, featuring a frosted glass and polished stainless steel construction adorned with over 200 sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Helping you start the day in style, this limited edition Crystal Glass 2-Slice Toaster includes such features as variable browning control, removable crumb tray, extra long slots with centering guides, a frozen bread function, LED heat setting indicators and even a Certificate of Authenticity with the manufacture number.

If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen, you can grab one of these beautiful Crystal Glass toasters over at – who currently have them on sale for a massively reduced $69.99. UK residents can grab one well below retail also at for £118.39.

Geeker household: Buy Now Button Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up Breakfast

Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up Breakfast

Russell Hobbs and household: 7db7a843f18dadb40f7947564560596c Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up BreakfastGeeker household: accba0b69f352b4c9440f05891b015c5 Russell Hobbs Crystal Glass Toaster Blings Up Breakfast

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