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Off the Grid: From Squatting to Subterranean Living

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Geeker lifestyle culture: c3398110caa3cc7bcc8bedc0a297e85f Off the Grid: From Squatting to Subterranean Living

The term “off the grid” has been proudly used for many years by those who choose to produce their own electricity or live without electricity. But there’s a whole other perspective to living off the grid: those who do it out of necessity. … Read More

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Make an original stamp of your baby’s hand and foot

baby hands and feet.jpg

For about $90, you can get a beautiful Japanese stamp of your newborn baby’s hands and feet in a wooden box from design project Otete & Anyo (means hand & foot in Japanese baby talk).

Link [via NotCot]

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Garage Conversion Into Tiny House

Geeker lifestyle culture: 94ba255478fac59e3a5f9b56aeb35f0e Garage Conversion Into Tiny House

On one hand, this just seems so wrong: converting a perfectly good garage — or workshop! — into a 250 square-foot home. On the other hand, when you read about the circumstances of its owner, Michelle de la Vega, and how she acted as a general contractor and went to welding school to learn how to build furniture and architectural fixtures, you start thinking that this is kinda neat. … Read More

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Roll it Experimental Housing

Geeker lifestyle culture: b0ca2b9493a99d5a3ad36627f70602c0 Roll it Experimental Housing

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