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Microsoft Kin Studio saves all your phone content to the web (update: video!)

Geeker software: c2673ae8806d3b23be79f7f7d2bc2050 Microsoft Kin Studio saves all your phone content to the web (update: video!)

There’s no denying that Microsoft’s new Kin phones are a next-gen riff on the Sidekick, and just like the Sidekick, everything that happens on the phone will be backed up to a Microsoft service, called Kin Studio. … Read More

Originally posted 2010-04-26 07:48:24.

Five Visual Search apps

Geeker software: 0vissea Five Visual Search apps

What does information look like? And what should information look like? … Read More

Originally posted 2009-08-28 12:44:08.

Child Porn App Disappears from iTunes App Store

Geeker software: iphonenude 21 200x300 Child Porn App Disappears from iTunes App StoreBeautyMeter, the app which managed to sneak “child pornography” onto the iPhone, has been pulled from the iTunes App Store.

The application lets users upload pictures of themselves and then other people vote on their face, body and clothes (or lack thereof). The internet was set afire yesterday when it appeared that a 15-year-old girl had uploaded a snap of herself, clearly showing nipples and “partially nude at the bottom” as our own prudish Brian Chen put it yesterday. Probably as a direct consequence, the application is no longer available for download.

The problems for Apple are clear. By setting itself up as a guardian of the store, Apple can’t win. Any time a controversial application is approved, or non-allowed elements are snuck into an application post-approval, Apple is blamed. If these apps are pulled ahead of time, Apple is called out as an evil censor. … Read More

Originally posted 2009-07-01 22:08:22.

Windows 7 review

Geeker reviews: 47eb2d96205f91e7682bc632508d1ff4 Windows 7 review

Oh, Windows. You inform and entertain us. You are inescapable, and your Start menu is full of items relevant to our productivity. You move us. Sort of. To be honest, we’re not sure what sort of state this fair planet of ours would be in without the ruggedly functional operating systems the folks at Redmond have handed to us over the years, and while Windows Vista might have proved that Microsoft wasn’t invincible, it did nothing to demonstrate that Windows as an idea — and for most, a necessity — was at all in jeopardy. … Read More

Originally posted 2009-08-18 08:06:28.

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