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Blu-ray support coming with iTunes 9?

Geeker software: bdd07f3b8a4fb00738be40001f3a000f Blu ray support coming with iTunes 9?

Take this rumor with a fairly large grain of salt and please hold your “bag of hurt” comments until the end. Boy Genius claims he’s got it on word from a “pretty reliable source” that the next big iTunes revision will include better organization options for your iPhone / iPod touch apps, something vague concerning integration with Twitter, Facebook, and, and… Blu-ray support. … Read More

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How to securely delete files in Windows with Eraser (Win7 x64 included)

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Eraser is a beautiful piece of open-source software, which helps you improve your digital hygine by going over all of the files you’ve deleted and scrambling them on disk, so they could never be restored. … Read More

Originally posted 2010-09-18 08:27:09.

PortableApps suite of USB stick-ready apps launches Platform 2.0 beta 3

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PortableApps 2.0 beta 3

PortableApps provides portable versions of popular applications including Firefox, OpenOffice, Pidgin, GIMP, VLC, and FileZilla. By portable, I mean no installation is necessary. You can run these applications by unpacking them to a hard drive, USB flash drive, or other removable media and clicking an executable file, which makes them easy to carry on a flash drive and use on multiple computers. … Read More

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Five Visual Search apps

Geeker software: 0vissea Five Visual Search apps

What does information look like? And what should information look like? … Read More

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