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Steampunk Chopper

Amazing custom Steampunk ‘Chopper’ Motorcycle, by Solifague Design, dubbed ‘Black Widow’ in all it’s photogenic glory. And for you bikers out there, sorry, its CGI..

Geeker steampunk: 8bc61726973e9f3ed5db125d2fdcb44e Steampunk Chopper

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Victorian iMac Mod Respects Wood

Victorian iMac Mod Respects Wood

wood imac 446x500 Victorian iMac Mod Respects Wood
Do you respect wood? Personally I respect pine. … Read More

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Warren Ellis’s readers’ tour through Etsy

Geeker crafts: 947066964bafc91ecee538eacd668b94 Warren Elliss readers tour through Etsy

Warren Ellis has put an open call out to Whitechapel readers who have Etsy stores for their crafts to pimp their offerings for early Xmas shopping. … Read More

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Red-eyed mechanical spy fly with steampunkish flair

spy fly 1
These mechanical flies and insects that are made for sheer fanaticism can be actually disturbing at times. The sculptors do take care in their work, and when they do it with utter perfection and zeal, the result often ends up being impressive. That’s what this lad has managed in this sublime blend of art, sculpting with the age old phenomenon – Steampunk. It may seem exaggerated, but when you see the spy fly’s wings swivel to reveal the single brass wing, you have no choice but to grant it that leverage. The fly may look extremely fragile, but it’s surprisingly sturdy. Has he got this one to be able to fly? More photos after the jump.
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the Art of Micro Growing