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Alien Abduction Lamp

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not panic. Do not adjust your screens, this is an emergency warning. The Alien Abduction Lamp has landed on Earth.

After years of official denials and strange sightings we now have to deal with the reality — “we are not alone”.

Your governments can no longer cover up what can only be described as a monumental moment in humanity; the lamp is here, it is real and you want it!

Because I Like Fresh Air

Plants still do a much better job at sequestering carbon into oxygen than anything else. They naturally filter the air too and that’s why our green friends are a-okay with me. Problem is my green thumb is cursed. I can’t even keep a cactus alive. The O2 air purifier takes the pain out of the game. Place your potted plant on the O2 and water as usual. Excess water is evaporated and the system accelerates the process of photosynthesis, not to mention keeps tabs on our green friends so you’ll always know when they need water.

Designer: Tian Lingrui


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Evergreens In My Office

I work from home, so I don’t have much of a clue about office environments and the arid-AC-air. But I take my friend’s word for it, that office air sucks! Many try and prep-up the air by adding pots of plants, but that’s another hassle of maintenance, she says. I suppose this Breathing Partition Stand will be good for an office. It has an exclusive area to place the plants whilst acting as a divider between work-desks. An automatic watering system takes care of the watering chore, and it would be a good idea to place low-maintenance varieties.

P.S. The slots in the partition makes it easier to spy on co-workers, so look out!

Designers: Jinsun Park & Seonkeun Park

Geeker the cubicle: f0a38ae427305797c1d7a50fd584d412 Evergreens In My Office

Breathing Partition – Office Partitions by Jinsun Park & Seonkeun Park


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USB Aroma Diffuser gets own USB hub and more


Are you a big fan of convergence devices? Well if that’s the case, then check out this USB Aroma Diffuser that not only comes equipped with its very own 4-port USB hub, it also doubles up as a mood light as well. … Read More