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Renewable Energy Mandatory for Marijuana Cultivation in Boulder

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photo credit: The Truth About Flickr

It seems only natural that pot should be grown in a sustainable manner with the use of renewable energy. A new law in Boulder, CO requires Medical dispensaries that grow any of their own product to offset 100% of the electricity they use to grow their plants with renewable energy. … Read More

Hydroponics How To: Building a Top Drip Homemade Mini Grow Box

Most people that first get started with homemade hydroponics start with a Top Drip system since its the most basic of all hydroponics systems. In this video, Matt Geschke shows you how to build your own hydroponics system from start to finish in under 10 minutes. … Read More

Stoner Art: Mother Nature?

Geeker the arts: 4164b84c535e11e8e611800c719c0db6 Stoner Art: Mother Nature?

Is that Mother Nature? lol  Cool drawing.

Originally by Green from Hail Mary Jane on May 10, 2010, 2:44pm

Bong Of The Day: Gas Mask

Geeker the underground: ac5bef1215a11573669b1dd9cc6ea5ce Bong Of The Day: Gas Mask

I’ve seen pictures of people using these gas mask bongs in various places. The whole thing fills with smoke to the point where you can’t see shit besides weed smoke everywhere…. … Read More