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James Dyson Award design comp contenders: A gym for all comers

Geeker concepts: 0theaccedss James Dyson Award design comp contenders: A gym for all comers

The James Dyson Award design competition has a simple, broad mandate: “Design something that solves a problem.” Shown here is one of the entries, The Access, a handicap-friendly fitness center designed to be used by the wheelchair-bound and able-bodied alike.

You can check out the rest of the entries (and vote on them, with free registration) at this link. The list is fun to go through–the competition’s broad mandate means you’ll see everything from surfing gear and automobile safety devices to “bionic cockpits” and wristwatches that display your current biological rhythms.


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Stable whole-body motion lets robots dance with the hips

humanoid hip dancer
Dancing isn’t a new trait for modern robots, yet mimicking all those grooves that the human body can manage isn’t all that easy for the mechanical-human wannabes. … Read More

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Soft, Creepy Worm-Like Robot Gets Hammered…Keeps Going!

Robotics design is continually making all those creepy robot-takeover concepts part of our future reality. Check this thing out. It’s a ‘robot’ that imitates the actions of a worm but has the uncanny creepy factor of a maggot when you continue to watch it move. As soon as someone attaches some kind of weird syringe-probe thing? We’re done. … Read More

Music Video Shot on iPhone

Music Video Shot on iPhone

This is “Play” a song by BJSR. The music video was entirely shot on the new iPhone 3GS. Produced by Showdown Productions, LLC. Music mixed and mastered by Connor Smith. Video after the jump.–Video–Gear.html” target=”_blank”>LikeCool]

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