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After a huge success of the Magic Charger for the Magic Mouse, Mobee is all set to launch its new invention- The Magic Bar. This ‘Magic Bar’ is exclusively designed for the purpose of charging the input devices of both the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and the Magic Trackpad. Both the Apple Bluetooth keyboard as well as the Magic Trackpad have the same dual AA battery compartment which has made it possible for Mobee engineers to resolve the problem of charging batteries for both.

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This ‘Magic Bar’ is the world’s first inductive wireless charger which takes roughly a minute to setup. The best thing about this device is that you can charge your input devices without any wired setup, whenever you need, wherever you go. Moreover, as there is a no longer process of disposing of batteries, this ‘magic bar’ minimises their wastage, making the world a better place to live in. The Magic Bar feels to be quite inexpensive after one year of home usage and six months of office usage- at least it won’t cost you more than buying a single battery for a particular device, may it be Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or the Magic Trackpad.

You can almost forget about purchasing a battery for either of these- thanks to the Magic Bar. This Magic Bar uses a USB port to recharge. Just by plugging the base station to any USB port, one can allow the recharge without the need of any external power supply. Another notable feature of this gadget is that, as it is made of aluminium, it can be quite easily recycled, which shows us another sign of its being quite eco-friendly.

Installation of this gadget takes roughly a minute. All that you need to do is- remove the two AA batteries of your device, screw the cylinder battery pack into your input device, place the Magic Bar on your desktop and plug it through any USB port, and then with the final step of sliding your input device into the Magic Bar, it will start charging.

Via: Mobee Technology/Engadget

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