Secret Passage Hides Shame of Messy Office

Geeker lifestyle culture: hidden lair Secret Passage Hides Shame of Messy Office

Problem: You have a messy room in your house, a home office in which, even when the rest of the house is neatly squared-away, the clutter nags at the edge of your mind, taunting you.

The solution? For normal people, a few minutes of tidying would do the trick. For Alpha Nerd Agmak, the answer was to hide the offending room behind a secret passage and then, of course, post the results to Flickr.

This is how we know about the fantastic project. All it took was a pair of Ikea Billy bookcases (picked up from Craigslist), a piece of fiberboard with some cleverly placed casters and some sturdy hinges. It’s not supervillain-lair hidden (if the lights are on inside they spill through the gaps) but it’s certainly messy-room-obscuring hidden. All it needs is a door-catch in one of those books and it would be perfect.

Project page [Flickr via Lifehacker]

Originally by Charlie Sorrel from Gadget Lab on July 6, 2009, 4:40am

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