Samsung MSTV concept

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Designer Joseph Dumary has come up with this striking design for a Samsung 3DTV system with a variety of interchangeable screens according to the space available or the use to which you’re putting it.

Samsung MSTV

The screen uses the latest generation of transparent AMOLED+ panels making this the thinnest and lightest screen ever. Each sub-pixel is a diode of red,  green or blue. Therefore, instead of displaying the usual black areas, they allow light to pass which allows the viewer to see through the screen.

You can adjust the transparency level of the screen and select the screens that match your desired application such as screens specifically dedicated to video games, movies etc.

The TV supports various screen sizes (22,32,42,46,55, 64 inches), full HD, 3D active screen and supports 4K2K (40″ and more) with 3D without glasses. Once the screen is connected to the TV, it automatically recognizes and displays the definition of the screen. You choose your screen depending on the space you have.

The TV is completely wireless. With ‘DPConnect’ your devices (video games, Blu-ray players, and others) connect wirelessly (7m, max). There’s no HDMI, no USB etc. The TV automatically detects devices in less than 5ms and displays the relevant options.

In keeping with Sammy’s passion for Android, this TV is a pure-blood Google Android.

Other features include:

  • The base serves as box.
  • You can find all your applications on your TV with the “SynchrTV” and you can use your smartphone as a controller to play your video games.
  • If you do not have a smartphone or remote to control your TV, the touch screen will allow you a simple gesture to access functions or you can do so through the voice function.
  • It features SmartTV applications, screens with cameras, the “Uprogram” which allows you to share your programs on your devices like your smartphone or tablet android etc.
  • “No Edges”, so you can see the entire image on your screen.
  • ActiveDeep3D+ allows you to see 3D images of high quality in a transparent screen without lag.


Samsung MSTV

Samsung MSTV

Samsung MSTV

Samsung MSTV

Samsung MSTV

Samsung MSTV

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